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Join the Green Building Movement


The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is a member-driven organization committed to the future of green building by bringing together key innovators and thought leaders to help advance the national conversation on green and sustainable construction, and energy efficiency.


Becoming a CaGBC member aligns your organization with the largest green building authority in Canada and shows a commitment to the future of sustainable building to clients, partners, employees and the entire industry. Membership with the CaGBC is as diverse as the industry and can benefit several organizations such as:

  • Small Professional Firms;
  • Large Professional Firms;
  • Government;
  • Real Estate industry;
  • Building owners, managers and tenants;
  • Academia;
  • Construction;
  • Not-for-profit organizations;
  • Industry associations;
  • Suppliers; and
  • Support Services.


Corporate membership with CaGBC satisfies the diversity of the industry. Green Building Specialists use LEED resources and benefits for their green building projects, while Green Building Advocates leverage other resources to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and green building. Employees of member companies can contribute to the green building movement from the grass roots through a free membership with their local Chapter.


The third category is for Individuals who can  become a Chapter member with one of the CaGBC Chapters across the country. Chapters deliver educational programming and play a key role in advancing the vision and mission of the CaGBC at the local level, by engaging members and advocating local government for greener buildings, cities and neighbourhoods.


Chapter members have opportunities such as:

  • Meeting green building experts in your area;
  • Developing local green building initiatives;
  • Touring green building projects;
  • Accessing local green building resources; and
  • Educational and leadership opportunities.


Full time students and new professionals can also become members of a local Chapter through the Emerging Green Builder (EGB) initiative. This valuable membership recognizes this group as the future of green building in Canada, and is offered at a discounted rate.


You can join your local CaGBC Chapter for free if your company is a CaGBC National member.


Open your Mind to Greener Opportunities


As demand increases to have a positive impact on the environment and the community, professionals need to continue expanding their knowledge to provide strategic and distinct solutions to an employer, business, project team or client. The CaGBC is the most trusted source for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) information and provides education for individuals and companies in:

  • Career progression
  • Building certification
  • Professional development

Green buildings are more than a current trend. Many architects, builders and anyone concerned with the environment and its sustainability agree that green buildings are becoming a necessity. Joining the CaGBC helps transform Canada with greener buildings and healthier communities and has other advantages like:

  • Enhancing your organization's credibility;
  • Receiving a free listing in the Canada Builds Green Directory;
  • Expanding your network of contacts;
  • Staying current with green industry news and latest research data and reports; and
  • Adding your voice to the growing green building movement.


Discounted Green Education


Membership with the CaGBC has its rewards. One valued benefit of being a member of the CaGBC is receiving discounts on education. Through its extensive available resources, the CaGBC makes the latest green education and green building principles accessible through:

  • Webinars
  • In-class workshops
  • On-demand courses
  • Private corporate education solutions
  • Higher Education for current post-secondary students and graduates
  • Reference guides and study materials
  • Chapter events
  • Regional symposiums
  • National Conferences
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